Experience a wealth of family-friendly activities at Discovery Ancol Hotel:

  1. Zumba: Energize with lively dance workouts.
  2. Water Pool Dance: Groove to music in the pool.
  3. Fun Games: Enjoy a variety of entertaining games.
  4. Swimming Class: Dive into expert-led swimming lessons.
  5. Feeding Rabbit: Interact with adorable rabbits.
  6. Cooking Class: Learn culinary skills with hands-on cooking sessions.
  7. Art and Craft: Unleash creativity with engaging arts and crafts.
  8. Badut Parade: Delight in whimsical character parades.
  9. Face Painting: Transform with colorful face art.
  10. Clown Character: Be entertained by playful clown performances.

With these diverse activities, Discovery Ancol Hotel offers endless opportunities for family bonding and enjoyment. Whether you’re seeking active adventures or creative pursuits, there’s something for everyone to love at Discovery Ancol Hotel.

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